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Home Care Services

Live-in Home Care

We have Home Health Nurses that can travel to patients' homes to administer care services and help patients maintain their independence. Our Home Health Nurses provide a variety of services during patient visits depending on the patient's specific condition.


These services include:

  • Assessing and charting observations of the patient’s condition at each visit.

  • Palliative Care

  • Reviewing vital signs

  • Administering medication prescribed by physician

  • Dressing or re-dressing wounds and assessing healing progress.

  • Patient education

  • Coordinating with Physicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other individuals in the patient’s care plan.

  • Recommending equipment that may improve the quality of life for the patient.


Our Home Health Nurses may also assist with:

  • Personal Care

  • Dietary and Nutritional needs

  • Companionship and Support

  • Housekeeping

  • Other Daily Domestic Tasks


Nursing Visits

Our nurses can make home visits to coordinate your loved one's health care and medical management needs.


Our skilled nurses work with physicians, family members, and caregivers to prevent avoidable hospitalizations by coordinating care and detecting medical concerns early. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones live safer, healthier, and more independent lives in the comfort of your homes.


At AlphaCare, we specialize in:

  • Assessment and consultation

  • Medical care planning (in collaboration with physicians)

  • Individualized nursing care plans

  • Medication management

  • Wellness exams


Specialist Services

Special medical care might be required to speed up and secure the healing process of your loved one who is seriously ill or is recovering from an injury. AlphaCare is staffed by skillful and attentive therapists, who are specially trained in geriatric care. Our highly-skilled therapists specialize in:

AlphaCare therapists always work closely with their patients’ physicians to ensure the best possible curing processes are applied and provide professional medical care to their patients right in the comfort of their home at any time of day or night, as long as help is needed.

AlphaCare is a leading pediatric home health care services provider. We take pride in handpicking nurses for each child under our skilled nursing care.

Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers provide frontline services to patients and their families to help ease the social, financial, and psychological effects of adverse health conditions. Medical social workers also provide essential services to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent diseases, and address barriers to access.

At AlphaCare, helping patients and their families is our top priority. The responsibilities and duties of our medical social workers change from day to day and from patient to patient. Some of the primary work activities of our medical social workers include:

  • Patient Intake Screening

  • Patient Counseling and Education

  • Discharge Planning

  • Patient Advocacy


Our medical social workers become primary advocates to our patients, helping them through a difficult time that can often take a toll on them physically, financially, and emotionally. By being at their side as both a guide and a compassionate listener, our medical social workers can play a crucial role in changing their experience and their outcomes.

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